The College supports a plant farm, hay-shed, paddocks for a range of animals and an agriculture laboratory and classroom.  Students can volunteer to be part of the College Show Team which prepares animal and plants for local and State shows.

Bands, Ensembles and Choirs

Students are encouraged to participate in a range of music groups such as the Concert Band, Senior Vocal Group, Saxophone Percussion and a number of other groups and performance opportunities are provided on a regular basis.
Throughout the year, music nights or afternoons are organised so that students can display their talents and experience performing before live audiences.  Battle of the Bands is a highlight of the Music calendar.
A tuition programme in a number of musical instruments if also offered.

Chess Club

Students meet once a week and play chess in friendly matches with others from Years 7 to 11 and each year, enters the inter-schools competition organised by the Junior Chess League.
As well as learning skills of strategy, chess teaches students co-operation, and improves their memory and general thinking skills, not to mention providing an environment where students of all ages and abilities, can find a warm welcome and plenty of help and encouragement to learn this wonderful game.

Debating and Public Speaking

The opportunity to be involved in debating and public speaking is offered at the College.  Students are given the opportunity to represent Oakhill College in academically driven competitions which enhance analytical thinking, reasoning, refuting and teamwork skills.


TheatreSports - The NSW Schools’ TheatreSports Competition is held annually by ImproAustralia. TheatreSports. It is a collection of improvisation games, with teams under pressure to create entertaining, narrative-based dramatic scenes, within a set time limit and under strict game rules.
Oakhill College enters an Intermediate Team (Years 9 and 10) and a Senior Team (Years 11 and 12) in this annual event.

Fast and Fresh Scriptwriting - Students are provided with the opportunity to develop their script writing skills and have been treading the boards at The Riverside Theatres in Parramatta for the last five years.

Duke of Edinburgh

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme is a worldwide programme aimed at encouraging young people to challenge themselves through setting and achieving goals across a wide range of activities.  It is open to all people aged between 14 and 25 years old.
The three award levels are Bronze, Silver and Gold, each requiring increased commitment and effort.  To achieve an award, participants need to complete the requirements of each of four sections:

Service - developing a sense of community and social responsibility;
Skill - developing a cultural, vocational or practical skill;
Physical Recreation - encouraging participation in a sport;
Expedition - developing a spirit of adventure and discovery.

Environment Group

The Environment Group is made up of a small group of dedicated students, who try to make a small difference to the environment and to the way that we, as a school community, view our environment. Among the many challenges faced, is the ability of the group to change student attitude to one of respecting the environment in which we live.

History Extension Club

An initiative at Stage 5 level is the History Extension Club. The aim is to encourage keen and talented History students in Years 9 to 10 and they are challenged with topics like President Obama and Social Justice, through to the Holocaust and the Vietnam War.

Lasallian Youth Leaders

Lasallian Youth Leaders (LYL’s) have been operating at Oakhill since the beginning of 2001 and is a leadership position open to all students in Year 11 & 12. The LYL program provides an opportunity for senior students to serve the community in the spirit of De La Salle. The LYL program is voluntary and students apply by participating in a training day.

The Lasallian Youth Leadership program has grown from strength to strength and has become an extremely popular way for students to ‘give back to their College’.



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