Religious Education

“The Christian school participates in the evangelising mission of the Church and is the privileged environment in which Christian education is carried out.”  The Catholic School on the threshold of the Third Millennium, n.11.
At Oakhill College Religious Education is a mandatory course of study where the learner is given formal and informal opportunities to grow in wisdom and faith.
The LaSallian dimension of the school is reflected in the Syllabi through special focus in Year 7 with the first unit,  “Beginnings – Introduction to John Baptist de La Salle” and reinforced by later units across year levels regarding inspiring people of faith, social justice, inquiry projects etc. Class visits to the chapel and graveyard, together with teaching visits to classes by Oakhill’s LaSallian Youth Leaders also strengthen the students’ connection with, and knowledge of LaSallian tradition and practice.
Years 7-10
The aim of Religious Education at Oakhill is to promote a critical and creative use of a wide range of teaching and learning strategies so that all students might participate with a heightened sense of worth and achievement. It encourages the learner to reflect on self, the world and God in the light of personal experience, sacred Scripture and Tradition. In so doing we seek to cultivate reflection, discernment, decision-making and action, and to nurture the development of an informed conscience.
Years 11 -12
“The aim of the Stage 6 Studies of Religion syllabus is to promote an understanding and critical awareness of the nature and significance of religion and the influence of belief systems and religious traditions on individuals and within society” (Preliminary and HSC syllabus)

Our Learning Culture