The student pastoral care programme focuses on recognising and rewarding achievement, effort and excellence and ensures all students have an equal opportunity to develop to their full potential. The aim of the programme is to assist students in looking after themselves, each other and their school. It is hoped that through actively engaging with the Level System students will develop a sense of belonging in their school community, which will in turn nurture in them a positive self-image and identity. The College’s Rights and Responsibilities document is closely aligned with this programme.

It should be the goal of every student to advance their way through the levels. They are encouraged to discuss their ongoing level promotion with their respective Deans. The Level System recognises a number of areas in which students may contribute to College life, including these examples:

• Academic achievement;
• Application to studies (effort);
• Student leadership;
• Lasallian Youth Leader;
• Community Service;
• School service – House-based initiatives, sport days, Open Day, fundraising;
• Contribution to Performing Arts: drama, music;
• Exemplary attendance: classes, carnivals;
• Sporting representation and assisting with coaching of teams;
• Extra-curricular representative: chess, debating, public speaking, etc.

Students who continually contravene College rules will move down through levels until such time that their behavioral issues are rectified. Those who are experiencing discipline problems will be provided as much support and guidance as is necessary to help them to overcome their challenges and take control of their behaviour. The supporting Student Safe School Rules document clearly outlines expectations for student conduct. Parents will be informed about any problems at school and asked to support and assist the College in solving them. Students will be promoted through levels as they show they are able to be positive and responsible members of the school community.

Caring For Our Students